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Player: Hotaru
Contact: hailingjavelin@plurk
Age: 24
Current Characters: Azuma (Susanoh), Juli (Senyu), Shu-Ten (AkaYona)


Character: Akari
Age: 24
Canon: Samurai Deeper Kyo
Canon Point: chapter 265, upon running into Hishigi and Fubuki

Background: sdk wiki, wikipedia, akari on mal

Akari is a very powerful and self confident woman, who does not take a no for an answer. She is also something awfully pretty, and she knows it. She loves being complimented, and in particular, loves being told she's "young and beautiful" and her type is pretty young men. She collects secrets, and accepts secrets as payments for healing people, It canm be something that's not even really a secret, though, like when she accepted Benitora's secret that really was something everybody knew. She found it hilarious though, and healed him. On the other hand, her weakness is pretty boys, like when she met Yukimura, and said that she wants a kiss as payment for healing him.

A thing about Akari though, is that she's only psychologically a woman. She was born with the body of a man, but was raised as a girl by her family due to the belief that women made better shamans, and she was born to a shaman family line. She nded up going as far as to entirely throw away her entire manhood, seeing herself through and through as a woman. She has adapted a frivolous, cheerful character that is the main side that she shows, but she is also an impatient person, who hates to lose and hates to do troublesome things. This is one of the reasons why she lets the boys deal with the actual fighting during battle, even though she's actually the most powerful of them all. She also dislikes getting involved because she doesn't want to get dirty, and when you fight, you risk getting stained with blood. She really cares about her appearance, after all.

But there is one other reason for her not wishing to fight, and that is her Medusa Eye. She hates using it, because it is an indisciminate murdering tool, which will kill anyone who looks into it. She always makes sure to wear her gloves due to that, and refrains from taking them off. There are a few times when she will remove them, though, and that is when she finds people who uses other people as nothing but discardable tools. It's the typoe of person that she hates the most, because she has been treated that way in the past, and she finds it unacceptable. And she has a bit of a protective streak toward children who has suffered great misfortunes, and her heart can warm up to people who has suffered, but still powered through somehow. Even more so if they're nice and, like Yuya did (quite a lot, even; Akari gets a little bit of a crush on her - which is troublesome because she is also in love with Kyo, and Kyo and Yuya become a couple), accepts her for who she is, without being scared of her. Even after they have seen her use Medusa Eye.

As she was treated as a demon when she grew up, due to her powers, she got used to not being accepted, and expects being disliked or shunned. When she met Kyo and the Shiseiten, and Kyo accepted her and said he didn't give shit about her powers or if she was supposed to be scary, and instead offered to let her come with them because she seemed interesting, she fell in love with him. She wants to marry him one day, and be his pure, innocent bride. She has an ongoing bet with him where he will marry her if she manages to get in a blow on him. Her four companions didn't care that she was actually born a man, and treated her like any other person, and she grew to become fond of them. She is very protective toward Kyo, and gets jealous when other people get too close to him. She even is a little protective of the other three Shiseiten, even if she easily beats the crap out of them if they piss her off. In particular Bon, but she loves to mess with Akira because he's high-strung, and Hotaru, because he's an idiot. Because Akari is really scary when she gets pissed, the other Shiseiten fears her and does what they can not to piss her off (except Bontenmaru, since he has a tendency to call Akari by her birth/male name, which Akari hates passionately). She also did it once to show a guy with a fake Medusa Eye the real deal (by killing him) because she hates fake people. Honesty's so much better, since it lets her know more easily where she stands with them.

Abilities: Akari is a shaman, who can heal people with her magic abilities. She has a Medusa Eye on the back of one of her hands, which can turn people to ash, and also protect her from harmful spells. She's also freakishly strong with weapons and with her bare hands. She can drain people of their life force, but also rejuvinate them, so they can keep on fighting. She can "Reject" hurtful things like substances out of people's bodies, and if the Medusa Eye takes over her body and mind, she turns into Ashura, and gets superhuman speed, even stronger physical abilites, and can use her shaman powers to obliterate ther opponents without any effort. In Ashura Mode, she can also grow a blade from her hand, and if she cuts someone with it, they get petrified, turns into stone, and then to dust. Cable Cross is another Ashura Only power, where the blade runs into the floor and extends up through it, at various places. High Core Crusher is also an Ashura move, where the blade increases in size to become sort of like a drill. She canm't use her powers on herself, though.

Alignment: Sosyne; Akari is a very temperamental woman, quick to violence when she is angered, but she also is a very caring, composed woman. To a part. She would like to appear very graceful and calm, at least.

Other: -


Akari eyes the clothes on display by the market square merchant with a critical eye. Nothing is exactly as she wants it, and while she certainly loves to try new fashions, there was a limit to what she could wear. She was, sadly, unable to wear anything that showed off a bust, so certain kind of clothes were out of the question (once she learns about bikinis, she will lament not being able to wear the hottest ones. She'll have to wear ruffles or something.)

It's because she's completely distracted that she doesn't notice right away. But then she notices that her coin purse is gone....and that one of the buns she stuffs her breasts with has disappeared as well, and her kimono has taken a weird shape.

The anger bristles, and at the same time as her fist connects with the purse snatcher's jaw (however she managed to catch up with the headstart that the guy had) many of the stones in the road that she's standing on shatters loudly under the wood of her geta.

"You fucker, how dare you steal from a defenceless lady!"

How is this woman defenceless in any way?

Questions: But does the markets sell meat buns and such.
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Canon Name: Akari (Mitarai Toukichirou)
Work Name: Airy
Canon: Samurai Deeper Kyo
Canon Point: chapter 265, upon running into Hishigi & Fubuki
Arrival: End of June

Age/Sex/Gender: 24/m/f
Height: 162,56 cm + 10 cm with shoes
Weight: 51 kg
Species/Supernatural Qualities: Human/Shaman/Has a Medusa Eye on the back of her left hand and she has healing abilities

Housing: Floor 3, Room 012
Occupation/s: Waitress & Bouncer at a Japanese style restaurant/café and a Healer type medic
Point Total: n/a
Inventory: Work uniform, apron, gloves, shakujo staff
Other Notes: Is biologically a man, but is transgendered and dresses in womans clothes (which does not show cleavage), identifying as a woman. Thus, she uses the female pronouns and will be really fucking pissed if you don't accept that.


Platonic Physical Contact: Yes
Romantic/Sexual Physical Contact: Yes/Maybe
Violent Physical Contact: Yes, but she's stronger than she looks. monstrously stronger.
Mindreading: Yes, but beware her great mind
IC Personal Boundaries/Warnings: Her real name. Use it and suffer. Spill her secrets and suffer. Insult Kyo and die.
OOC Personal Boundaries/Warnings: n/a
Other Notes: if you remove her fake boobs, she WILL punch you
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